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China, the country attracts worldwide attention. The reasons are many, China – a country with the largest population in the world. China – the fastest growing economy in the world. China – the most ancient civilization. China – the most powerful political figure in the global Olympus. China’s development gives rise to success in other areas, such as in sports. Many are predicting China the world leader in the near future.

China – People’s Republic of China (PRC) – third the size of the territory of the state of the world. Its area exceeds 9.6 million square meters. m. Population – more than 1,300 million people. Chinese constitute 94% of the population, total population of over 56 nationalities.

China is divided into 26 provinces and three cities under the central government – Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin.Appreciable and growing interest around the world at economic transformation in China, which lasted about two decades. Interest in this country is not accidental. China, being one of the oldest countries in the world for the first time its long history has achieved impressive success in the real economy. For a number of signs show that country and in the near future will flourish. China has a chance to repeat the experience of Japan and South Korea.







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