Group of Companies of “Hu He Jin Ao” was founded in 1991, in Serbia, the firm “Macao”, which was engaged in wholesale and retail trade.
In connection with the expansion of business, in 2001, JUSTICE Co Ltd was opened in Mongolia with a representative office in China (2007).
To organize trade with China, in 2008 the “Beijing Hu He Jin Ao” Company was opened.
To implement investment projects, in Hong Kong 2017 opened a “GenliCo” Company, that Company is in the group of Hu He Jin Ao.
During the existence of the Group of companies,
Hu He Jin Ao, implemented a number of large, international trade contracts for the supply of products, minerals, equipment and technology.
Currently, investment projects related to agriculture and construction are being implemented.


 Working Procedure:


For cooperation with us it is required:

1. Letter of Intent on the letterhead of the company with the seal and signature
2. On the letter of intentions, we send FCO
3. Next step is from the Buyer ICPO
4. Draft Contract
5. Contract
All is carried out on the letterhead of the company.